Energizer 12V105Ah High Cycle Battery 674


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The Energizer (105AH – 12V) Maintenance Free Batteries



The Energizer (105AH – 12V) Maintenance Free Batteries.

These batteries are designed for backup/marine use only – not for daily SOLAR OFF-GRID charging/discarging

Deltec batteries never need water. Antimony-free plates cut electrolyte loss from gassing. Special liquid-gas separator keeps electrolyte inside.

No filler caps – so no electrolyte contamination, overwatering or damage in use.

Unique wrought lead-calcium grid design means less internal corrosion and efficient current conductivity for more power and longer life. It also cuts gassing, resists overcharge, heat and thermal runaway.
Generous electrolyte reserve, factory checked for purity and specific gravity, is sealed in to last the service life of the battery.


ENERTEC N°: 1250

Mass: 26 Kg

 ETN: 602, 103, 1068 (GP 31 Casing)

MANUFACTURER: Johnson Controls


Voltage (V): 12

Capacity (Ah) 20 hour rate: 105

Reserve Capacity (minutes): 180

Cold Cranking amps @ (- 18°C): BCI: 950

Load test: 310 amps for 15 seconds

Operating temperature: – 18°C to 52°C


Size: 330x175x240mm

  • 2 year warranty for marine or leisure use
  • 1 year warranty for inverter use


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