Royal Deep Cycle Battery 12V105AH 1150K


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  • 100AH Semi-Sealed Lead Calcium Battery 12V
  • 240mm (H) 335mm (l), 175mm (w)


The Royal 1150K (100AH – 12V) Delkor Series Lead Calcium Batteries are General Purpose Semi-Sealed Maintenance Free Batteries.

  • 5 Years Design Life
  • More than 260 cycles at 80% discharge in cycle service.
  • For use in – Backup and UPS Systems, Automotive, Solar
  • 102AH@ 20hr-Rate to 1.75V per cell @25°C
  • Complete Protection against the Reduction of Sulphuric Acid
  • Prevents Electrolyte Losses by collecting and returning liquid to the reservoir.
  • High Durability
  • Weight – 25.9Kg’s
  • 240mm (H) 335mm (l), 175mm (w)


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