An Online UPS System is a system that supplies 100% of the load all the time from an inverter. In other words, the Online UPS is continually regenerating the output waves internally within the system.

Furthermore there is no transfer switch on the UPS system to be activated upon loss of AC when brownouts happen.

If the back-up power does not match up with these criteria it will not be referred to as an Online UPS System, but rather something else.

These are the common features that Online UPS Systems consist of:

  • There is never any transfer time or interruption of power to the load if a blackout or brownout occurs.
  • This is due to the fact that the Inverter is already supplying 100% of the load.
  • A genuine Online UPSprovides conditioned clean powerall the time.
  • This is due to the fact that the UPS is continually converting from AC to DC back again to AC.
  • This is dependent on regenerated sine wave output to the load.
  • As a result, the Online UPS protects the computer load completely from any power problems on the utility line that might occur.
  • This power conditioning guard is not provided by other types of systems.

For full protection it is advisable to ensure you have an Online UPS System that will provide conditioned clean power 100% of the time.

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